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Peak Leadership

At this time, we have courses planned for the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Turkey, and Peru. There have been major developments toward taking future Peak teams to Ecuador and Costa Rica.


Nepal is the world's only Hindu Kingdom. A place where religious freedom is recognized, yet many do not know the freedom they can have in Christ. Since opening the country 1960 to the first Christians to live in Nepal there has been thrilling growth in the Church. The places missed by many are the mountain villages that our teams have the privilege of visiting. This beautiful country, which pulls in much of its economy through tourism and agriculture, continues to struggle with the rise of orphans, street kids and the terror of sex trafficking.

Please pray with us for the country of Nepal; it needs political stability and continuity of government. Pray for the local believers who face the struggles of everyday life. Pray for the ministries that are in Nepal and for our teams as we come along side the Church to encourage them.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country of religious freedom, where the Muslim (32% of pop.), the Christian (52% of pop.) and all other faiths have the right to worship. In a land where many know of Christ, a personal relationship with Him is unknown. The Churches have become stagnant and the need for strong leaders has many pastors leading 20 or more congregations. The young people of Tanzania face the challenges of low employment and have an increasing exposure to Western influences that bring challenges to seeing who Christ really is.

Pray that we influence the people that we come into contact with in way that they see God in new and desirable ways. Pray that the Holy Spirit would reign in the land of Tanzania and that believers would have a bold faith and a passionate love for their personal Savior. Pray for strong leaders to rise up and lead.

The Ancient Biblical Sites of Turkey

Turkey remains the largest unreached nations in the world. For over 1,000 years it was the bastion of Christianity, but over the years it has become a strong propagation of Islam. Today as few as .03% of the population are Bible believing Christians, and very few of the 66 million Muslims have ever heard the gospel, yet God's hand remains on Turkey and His Word is penetrating the nation. In 1960 Turkish believers numbered about 10, and now with the rise of the Church and the translation of a Turkish New Testament there are over 76 fellowships and 3,000 known believers. Yet a cultural barrier remains: to be Turkish is to be Muslim.

Pray that God would continue to rise up Turkish Believers even among the intimidation and persecution and pray that God would give strength and courage to those who already claim His truth. Pray for opportunities to share our faith with students hungry for the Truth and pray that our team would be a blessing the believers that we work with.

(Information from: Operation World, and Workers in the Field)

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