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Summer Courses

Peak Performance Nepal - January, April, May

Known mostly for Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the planet, Nepal has become the primary location for our outdoor school of leadership. The Himalaya Mountains become the backdrop for our classroom as we seek to become more like Christ and learn how to live that out among the indigenous people living in places commonly untouched by traditional missionaries. You will be trained in leadership, world religions and evangelism, while journeying on a physically challenging 10-12 day trek in the Annapurna Mountain range where we learn from our instructors and from one another. We seek to share Jesus with the unreached people who call these mountains home. We also spend significant time in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara working with street kids, orphanages, a community of individuals suffering the effects of leprosy, and an organization that focuses on ending the human trafficking that has plagued the women of Nepal. If you desire to be challenged in all aspects of your life, and learn to become more and more like Christ, then this might be the course for you. Physically demanding, as well as challenging spiritually and emotionally, this is a very rewarding course.




In a country of over 70 millIon people, 99.8%  are  Muslim and there are scarcely 5000  known believers.  Yet as you look at the history of  Turkey, it contains roots of early   Christianity and the explosive growth of the early Church.  

While studying discipleship, Islam and missions,  you wIll have the opportunity to reach the  lost and  do ministry in the same atmosphere and culture where Paul, John, PhIlIp, and   Timothy dId 2000 years ago.  You will see, experience, study, and walk on and in the land of  the Bible. The  Bible and God will come alive  to you in a rich and vibrant way as you  study  the Bible In its  ancient  cultural setting In cities such as Ephesus,  Sardis, Pergamum, Hierapolis, MIletus, Priene, Didyma, and laodicia.   

You will witness God use you in a variety of ministry opportunities that wIll touch your life, open your eyes, and cause you  to depend on and draw near to God. If you desire to grow in your relationship with God, while having your eyes opened to the power of God’s word, come and walk  the ancient ruins of your faith and watch as God opens your heart to fall deeper in love with Him, while  breaking your heart for the turkish people.   

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